OK how’s it goin’?

The premise is that all humans are created equal, but they don’t all die equal. How come? We can learn about the past, but why bother? Easy answer there: you learn about the past to do decisions in the present, to make the future later. That whole “repeats itself” thing.

So why not cut out the middleman and just learn directly from the future? If you can see the future, then you can see exactly what you should have done, and since it’s still the present, you can still do what you’ll wish you’d have done later.

Yeah i know, but as it turns out, not as difficult as it sounds. Seeing the future is just looking around you now, and knowing how people are people, you get a feel for what they’ll do. Just gotta see what makes people act like people, then all the past is exactly prologue.

There are seven and a half billion religions on Earth, and every religion has exactly one zealot and exactly one pope, although by good luck they are usually not the same person. Beware the people who are one and the same.

If anyone ever claims that they can tell you the secret of life, that is the first guarantee that they are lying to you. If they knew it, then they’d already know that they can’t tell you. A paradox, yeah i know, you get used to ’em.

People want all kinds of things, but they come in a ranked list: air, water, food, sex, shelter, sex, comfort, power, kinky sex. That’s your basic human, in a nutshell. 7 1/2 billion variants, but that list is a thematic progression which keeps emerging, century after century. Pretty safe to assume it will continue repeating.

Maybe the most telling trait of humanity is the fact that sightings of fairies and elves dropped off substantially when all the Earth’s land had been uncovered from Pole to Pole about 100 years ago. The ‘tell’ of the human brain is how sightings of Martians stepped right in, almost immediately. We are wired to believe, something if not another thing.

You can learn from the future too, in fact you do it all the time. The key idea here, is that you can get better at it.