The Film List


A list of movies i have seen, in a format much easier to browse than looking through the posts in the “Movies” category. Also more comprehensive, since there are (and always will be) more movies i have simply watched, than the movies i have dashed off reviews for.  If an entry in the list shows up as a link in your browser, then there is some sort of further information on the movie, but not always a full review.

The list is large. By 2016, i have seen about 7% of all the films ever made. That’s not a big-sounding number, until you count up how many movies exist. So to avoid breaking your browser, this list is separated into 27 chunks: A – Z plus numeric titles. In general, the words “A” and “The” are not counted when choosing which chunk a title is added into, but “An” is counted. So “A Few Good Men” will be in the “F” list, but “An Affair To Remember” will be here in “A”, and sorted as “Ana–” instead of “Aff–“. Numbers are tricky, and you might have to check twice. The Brad Pitt movie “12 Monkeys” would be in the list of numeric titles, but “Seven Days In May” would be found on the “S” list.

So, here is the list.


Angels With Dirty Faces (1938)